Survivor:Culture clash is a fictional season in the reality show Survivor. It takes place between season 27 and Season 28. In an unknown location, 24 returning players will be coming back for the opportunity of a life time. To win a fictional $1,000,000.

But what they don't know is that they will be put in a tribe with the same people that they played with in their original season. Who will crumble in the mistakes of their past and who will overcome the obstacles and will the million dollars.

39 days, 24 people, 1 survivor!

Episode 1Edit

Episode 1 - TBA

Returning PlayersEdit

24 players have been brought back to compete for the dollars.


Kim Spradlin - One of the most dominant female players of all time, Kim organized the very first all-female final 5 by using her wits, skills and beauty to deceive the other cast aways and ultimately win herself the million dollars

Sabrina Thompson - Sabrina, the teacher who used her social game to continously deceive her entire tribe and took part in countless blindsides.

Alecia Rosa - The founder of the first 5 woman alliance of the season. The loud mouthed special needs teacher who nearly went to the end, but was cut short at the final 5.

Jonas Otsuji - The hard working sushi chef who became the first victim of the all woman's alliance

Jay Byars - One of the biggest social players of the season who put his trust into the wrong hands, and fell victim to the woman's alliance

Troyzan Robertson - The biggest enemy of the woman's alliance, Troyzan was the only person in the merged tribe who chose to distrust the woman's alliance. Landing him in 8th place.


R.C Saint-Amour - The investment banker who initially had control over her tribe, until one person distrusted her and created a snowball effect that eventually cost her the game

Abi-Maria Gomez - The Brazillian beauty of the Philippines, Abi-Maria became the biggest villain of her season by constantly attacking her tribe. But through all odds against her, with the help of a fake idol she created, she managed to go far into the game and placed 5th

Denise Stapley - The sex therapist from Cedar Rapids who became the first and only person to ever attend every single tribal council in her season, and yet still win the million dollars

Malcolm Freeberg - The challenge dominator of the Philippines who managed to not only rely on his strengths, but also on his wits and social game until he fell apart in the final immunity challenge and was immediately voted out.

Jeff Kent - The baseball player who filled a personal vendeta on all returning players in his season. How will he fair in a season with everyone coming back as a returning player?

Zane Knight - The first person to be eliminated from his season despite being on the good side of every single person on his tribe after a faulty strategy eliminated him from the game.

Enil EdamEdit

Allie Phovitz - The first fan to be eliminated from the game after failing to control the numbers in her tribe despite her strategic mind.

Hope Driskill - The second member of the cool kids alliance who fell victim to the lack of numbers in her alliance.

Laura Alexander - The weak player with the strategic mind who called out Reynold on having an idol.

Reynold Toepfer - The challenge dominator who carried his tribe through several come from behind victories and become one of the few fans to get the the merge.

Matt Biscoff - The warm hearted returnee from Caramoan who was an easy pre-merge boot who crumbled during the weakening of the fans tribe. Will he commit the same mistakes?

Michael Snow - An event planner who used his social skills to get close with the favorites tribe to a point where he out lasted the woman keeping him in the game.


Ciera Eastin - The woman with the strategic mind who changed the game to new levels to a point where she caused a tie and made everyone draw rocks and to even making the most dramatic move of the whole season, to vote out her own mother from the game.

Katie Collins - The daughter of Season 2 winner, Tina Wesson. Who fell victim to the purple rock tie breaker.

Rachel Foulger - The woman who's elimination inspired Tyson Apostle to become more rutheless and cunning in the game. A decision which ultimately won him a million dollars.

Hayden Moss - The big brother winner and boyfriend of Kat Edorson who was cut short of making it to the final 5

Caleb Bankston - The polar opposite of his fiance Colton Cumbie, Caleb put himself in a power position early in the game by blindsiding the tribe's dictator Brad Culpepper. 

Brad Culpeper - lol jk, we wanted a good player to return ^_^

Vytas Baskauskas - Former drug addict and brother of the golden boy Aras, Vytas made his own name for himself in Survivor by managing to charm all the women in his 2nd tribe to vote out two of their own and even eliminating his brother from the game when they both met in redemption island.

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